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Thanks to Ajanta Pharma and its preparation KAMAGRA Jelly, Ukrainian men can say this yield in a imaginative form: as a gel for the duration of said use, which is consumed right away from the bag or by dissolving it in any non-alcoholic beverage.

This form of the pharmaceutical kamagra online kaufen 24 Jelly as a gel has several advantages. Primary, it is the high-speed onset of the effect, because the bustling ingredient of the antidepressant is in a dispersed state. This allows KAMAGRA JELE to act faster than its capsule counterpart. Secondly, patients who have straits swallowing pills and are racist against them liking prefer a shreds gel. Decisively, the gel form of the tranquillizer provides for divergent ways to administer it. In totalling, CAMAGRA Jelly has a cultured pineapple taste.

The peculiarities of using CAMAGRA JELLET contact to those noted through despite any medicate containing sildenafil. In place of prototype, patients should consult a doctor previously taking it, notably men with cardiovascular, hepatic or renal diseases and visual impairments (degenerative changes in the retina).

The recommended dosage of the drug is 1 sachet (50 mg sildenafil), which is enchanted yon 1 hour before intimacy. Disposed efficacy and tolerability, the quantity can be increased to 100 mg, which is the upper limit recommended measure, and the apogee recommended frequency of charge is once a day. The bustle of sildenafil is best bib shown when captivating the remedy on an empty stomach. You should also keep john barleycorn, as it may expanding the side effects.

Camagra Jelly:

acts quickly – the peak essence of sildenafil comes within 30-60 min, the birth of the kernel is already evident in 14 min (Pradma-Nathan H., 2003);

it works strongly – improvements were prominent close to up to 85% of patients winning sildenafil;

It works want reasonably – sildenafil works for up to 12 hours (Moncada I., 2004).

CAMAGRA JELE has a fast, long-lasting and competent vitality, is artistically tolerated, of high-priced importance and affordable.

As a denouement of a clinical consider carried antiquated at the Kharkov Medical Academy of Postgraduate Tutelage and the Belgorod Establish as a replacement for Advanced Training of Physicians, family scientists call to mind that the drug CAMAGRA JELE should also be occupied to treat vascular disorders of the genital way, as this treat causes an multiply in the linear velocity of arterial purl to the man’s genital organs – prostate, testicles, penis. This indicates a vasculogenic effect of taking CAMAGRA JELE on the virile genital system and favourable operation in took place of such diseases of the genital structure as inveterate prostatitis and excretory infertility, which ask for advance of the local mouthpiece blood flow.

CAMAGRA JELE is designed to alleviate patients regain their “manhood” and feel the fullness and joy of living!

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